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Watch Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers Live Online Streaming [9/13/2015]

Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers NFL Live Stream
The Detroit Lions and San Diego Chargers are all set to lock horns on Week 1 of this year’s NFL on September 13, 2015 in the Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA. While the fans are already into a frenzy and are predicting (mostly) the margin by which their favorite team is going to win, the safest thing at this point in time would be to call a spade a spade. That said, the Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers game just might be the tone-setter for the season.

As far in the passing yards are concerned, it must be first noted that both the Chargers and Lions have average passing skills. So in all probability, passing will not be a factor in the Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers match.

But the Detroit Lions will definitely have the upper hand over the chargers in the Rushing defense department, wherein the San Diego Chargers will face an uphill ground measuring up their below-average rush defense against the excellent departmental expertise of the Lions. 

The Lions look to have an upper hand over the chargers in scoring points, red zone offenses and touchdown scoring.

The Lions seem better off up to some point in the defense evaluation of Game 1 of the NFL. This definitely seems true as the interception ability of the Chargers looks nowhere near being perfect. On the flip side, the Detroit Lions have at least average accuracy in ball interceptions, which might well rise up to their respite.

The major game changers for the Chargers could be their above-average and by some standards, good skills at forcing fumbles by the opponents. This, coupled with the average performance of the Lions in securing the ball, could well decide the course of the stream in Game of the NFL 2015.

Even the feeblest followers of the NFL will tell you that the start does not seem too buttery for the Lions. Taking on the Chargers, they seem a little weak in the knee; the renewed Chargers’ attack and the near-depleted Lions’ defense could well be the undoing for the latter. Case in point, the Chargers could just look to exploit the missing left guard from the Lions’ defense and convert into a hole large enough to allow seepage.

But the Lions still have in the upward of 14 weeks to fix that left guard and (many) other similar issues. Don't miss to watch Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers game! It is available to watch online live via live streaming!
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